You can do it faster than by hand,and keep line strength up and over 80% !!



The fastest,easiest way to tye up your line system, and with these soft rubber rings coated with tree oil you will not damage your line in any way !! STRESS FREE !!

*We recommend using between 6-25lb leader line. Anything thicker or thinner than these recommeneded thicknesses we cannot guarentee.



Compared to earlier knotters, our knotter is easy to use,even when you are finishing you knot off with half hitches. Knot tying made easy!! You may also use our knotter when finishing off other knots that involves using half hitches such as PR,FG and midknots.

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Product name Color Line Capacity
(Line specs were rated
with japanese branded PE line)
Weight Price
(Japanese Yen)
11g 3,800


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You must adjust your knotter to the type leader line you are using.

※The orginal setting is between 6-25lb leaderline material. (YGK flourocarbon lines).
To adjust your knotter, simple add or subtract washers until you find a snug fit.

4. 3-1 Please return to the original setting.

※Please make sure you have securely fastened the screws. If not you may not be able to securely fasten the leader line.

*This knotter will assit in creating a strong line system. But just like anything practice makes perfect.

*We also produced a movie to show you the most easiest way to use our knotter,
please watch this demostration while practicing.

To watch this movie please download the WMV file (ok55.wmv)
It is located on the right side of your monitor.
Please download using the following directions.
(1) Please right click on the picture and save to file.
(2) When the window appears,please check the file name and save.
(3) When the download finishes,please open the file and watch our demo movie.

Windows Media Player の入手* To view this demo you must have "windows media player" installed in your computer.
If not, you must download it by clicking on the icon located on the right side of your monitor
  1. 1. How to set PE line
    1. (1) Please wrap your PE line 2 times between body A and the first rubber ring.
    2. (2) Then, please wrap your line 3-4 times around the tension rubber.
    3. (3) Finally, please use the two outside rings to pinch off your line. This will keep your line firmly inplace.

    ※While using our knotter, injury might occur if line is not firmly secured.
      Depending on line diameter, you may want to add or subtract the number of times you wrap your line on your OK55.

  2. 2. How to wrap your line
    1. (1) Please place your pe line and leaderline parallel to each other and pinch them approx 20cm from your OK55.
    2. (2) Please wrap your pe line around your leaderline approx 10 times using your OK55.(Spinning it backwards).
    3. (3) Gently remove your line from the knotter,without undoing the twist you have created.

    ※The OK55 should be free from your line. Please be careful not to drop it.

  3. 3. UNI KNOT

    Please use a uni knot to close off your line system.

  4. 4. How to finish off your knot

    Please by holding your leaderline with your right hand and the two PE lines with your left, pull the two ends firmly your knot should tighten.

  5. 5. How to position your leader line
    1. (1) Please position your leader line between line holders A and B as in the
    2. (2) Keeping your knot as close to the line holder as possible.

  6. 6. Pulling the leader line

    Please pull your leaderline in this order. Same as in #5.

  7. 7. PE line positioning
    1. (1) Keeping tension on your PE line, please wrap the PE line around the tension rubber 3-4 times.
    2. (2) After wrapping PE line around the tension rubber, place PE line through the 2 rubber rings located on the outside.

  8. 8. Half hitch 1

    Using a half hitch to secure mainline and leader (5times)

  9. 9. Half hitch 2

    This times purpose is to protect your main line from the cut end of your leader line .(5times)

  10. 10.Perfect finish
    1. (1) Please cut the ends of both PE and leader lines close to the knot.
    2. (2) Please remove line from the ocean knotter.